A lot of women don’t have any skirts at all in their wardrobe. They may think that it’s easier to just keep a few classic dresses on hand. However, skirts are so versatile, because they can be switched up and worn with a variety of different tops. If you’re looking to add some skirts to your wardrobe, these skirts are definitely where you should start! Some are perfect for your next job interview, and others are perfect for a night on the town. No matter which skirts you keep in your wardrobe, they’re sure to come in handy when you’re rushing out the door.

  1. Pencil Skirt
A pencil skirt is a wardrobe essential. It’s good to have on hand for a variety of different events. You may need it for a last-minute job interview, an important speech or meeting at school, or even a funeral. It’s important to keep a staple that’s so simple in your closet, because you never know when you may need to wear it!

Pencil skirt

2. Mini Skirt

If you know that you can pair it with a ton of different tops in your closet, this is the mini skirt for you.

Mini skirt

3. Midi Skirt

As women try to recreate that retro style in their own personal wardrobes, the midi skirt is back with a vengeance. A midi skirt can be paired with nearly anything, and can be worn to nearly anything. 

Midi Skirt

4. Plaid Skirt

 A plaid skirt is the perfect winter outfit option, because plaid screams winter and a skirt dresses up your whole look!

Plaid Skirt

What is your favorite type of skirt to wear? Which of these are you sure to keep in your closet always?
Love, K.
Yep, they're still totes on-trend, and yep, there are loads of very valid reasons why — so scroll through these marvelous maxis and pick one (or three!) to add to your closet this spring!

1. Fun Floral

Max out of your dresses

2.Coral &Denim

Get the max out of your dresses

4. Little Black Maxi Dress

Little Black Maxi Dress


Date night

This are my suggestions. Hope you like it and I want to hear about your favourite ways to style the maxi dress. :)
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