joi, 28 august 2014

#fab Giveaway (the end)

Hello, my darlings! I am happy to announce my very first GIVEAWAY. 
Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts. It has been almost five months since I started the blog and I am very content up until now. 
Anyway, I just launched my Facebook page and I thought that a giveaway was the perfect mode to celebrate it. 

When I ordered this bag, I was a bit afraid that will not look so good in reality or the quality would disappoint me. But, I had a really big surprise. It looks better in really and I think that it is perfect for a day by day outfit. It is small, but you can fit in it all your fab items. The golden chain is the perfect touch to elevate the look of this bag, from casual to elegant and chic.  
Just as my dear readers! This bag is perfect for a fashionista. 

So, if you want to win this bag all you have to do is: 
 1. Like my Facebook page 
and share the post
and follow me on Instagram
Follow @karinacretu

2. Add a comment below with your name, email address (optional) and Facebook profile. 

The winner will be chosen on 8th of September. So stay tuned! 

So, I am happy to announce that the winner of this giveaway is GEORGIANA NEGREANU. Congrats, dear!
Thank you all for participating and stay tuned because there will be soon another #fab giveaway!

luni, 25 august 2014


Hello, lovelies! How are you, what have you done lately?
I have been so lazy lately. My only activities being checking my Instagram (follow me @karinacretu), blog and Facebook and playing with my dog, Surya. That`s how I am spending this last days of August.
Anyway, on the 1st of September I must leave to Bucharest to start searching for a flat (wish me luck!).
Back to this outfit, now. I have this blouse from Bershka since forever, I wear it usually with skirts. This floral print skirt is very comfy, I have mostly wore it at school. I think this outfit is casual, with an elegant twist. What do you think?

Get a similar look:


sâmbătă, 16 august 2014

Aqua Green

Sleeping Beauty  | via Tumblr

Hello, darlings! How are you? How are you spending these last weeks of summer?
My hometown is so quite these days. Everybody is either at the beach, having fun or in some other interesting places. But for me, of course. 
I plan to spend my last weeks of summer working on myself, relaxing, spending quality time with my family.

Back to my outfit now... This dress has been in my wardrobe for some time and I never got the chance to wear it. I really like the details of the print, it looks like lace. 
The boots are a new entry in my closet. I got them on sales, I really liked their interesting color, a combination between green and blue. It looks interesting. It may seem strange that I am wearing ankle boots in August, but the weather is not so friendly here. 

I am wearing: H&M dress | Freemood Boots | Zara Bag

Aqua Green

P.S.: Today on Bloglovin was posted the list with the nominees. Have you checked it? Who will you vote for and who do you think will win the Blogger of the year award?

joi, 7 august 2014

Birthday girl

It's my birthday♥
Sooo, I am a bit impatient but finally 8th of August is here. I am turning 18, I am becoming an adult.. Ugh, I do not want to grow up. 
Anyway, I managed to take some photos. The weather is not so friendly in my hometown, but I have adapted.

Birthday girl

How is your summer so far? What are your plans for this year? 

duminică, 27 iulie 2014

Summer vibes

quote | Tumblr 
Hello, darlings! Sorry for the lack of posts and my absence lately. I have finally finished with the whole college admission. From October, I will be studying International Relations and European Studies at University of Bucharest. Yay! First step towards my carrier in the diplomatic field has been done. 
So, from now on I will focus only  on my blog and tan. That being said, this pictures where taken in my yard, where I usually relax and play with my dog, Surya. Because my house is by a lake, literally near one, during summer often I get the feeling I live by the seaside. So, I do enjoy laying in the sun and getting tanned in the yard, reading a good book ( Karamazov Brothers - F.M. Dostoievski) and eating some macarons.

I was wearing: Motivi beach dress
Summer Vibes

What are your plans for this summer? Can`t wait to hear your thoughts
Hope you have a wonderful summer!
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