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Get the MAX out of your dresses and skirts!

Yep, they're still totes on-trend, and yep, there are loads of very valid reasons why — so scroll through these marvelous maxis and pick one (or three!) to add to your closet this spring!

1. Fun Floral

Max out of your dresses

2.Coral &Denim

Get the max out of your dresses

4. Little Black Maxi Dress

Little Black Maxi Dress


Date night

This are my suggestions. Hope you like it and I want to hear about your favourite ways to style the maxi dress. :)

miercuri, 22 octombrie 2014

3 Ways to Enhance a Girl’s Confidence

Beautiful Woman

I personally believe that one of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance a girl’s confidence is through the clothes that she wears. Ever since I was young, I've always had this special relationship with clothes. For me, the clothes  I wear is a form of personal expression. In fact, they not only made me feel confident but presentable as well. If your confidence needs a lift, use fashion as a means. Here are some tips you can use:

1. Develop your own style.

Basically, what you wear is more likely to be a reflection of who you are. To achieve confidence, your personal style should be based on your interests and inspirations. The more connected you are to your own style, the more confident you’ll appear in the clothes you wear.  
2. Select Clothes that flatter your body.
Knowing what kind of clothes that flatter your body shouldn’t be about hiding your flaws. Go on and highlight what you think is  your best asset. If you’ve got a sexy body, flaunt it with a body-con dress. Trust me, ladies, by learning how to dress in a way that makes you comfortable and gorgeous, your self-confidence can increase.

3. Opt for clothes with colors that compliment your skin tone.

The trick to having unstoppable glow even in the simplest clothes is wearing the best colors that could compliment you skin tone.  For instance, if you have  light skin tone, jewel colors are the best ways to set you apart from the rest.
Boosting confidence is critical to achieving goals in life, so it's always best to work on increasing it. And one way to do it is to improve the way you dress because if you look good, you'll feel good.

You can find lots of amazing clothes at Lookbook Store and the store is currently hosting a GIVEAWAY. Don`t forget to take a look and please tell me what items you liked from their store and also how do you boost your self esteem, I really what to hear your tips and tricks!
Kisses, K.

luni, 22 septembrie 2014

How to wear a tulle skirt

There are so many great and easy outfits with tulle skirts to recreate! It's definitely a look for a trendsetter. If you're not afraid of making a fashion statement and turning heads when you walk down the street, you can totally pull off these outfits. Check out some of the outfits with tulle skirts and then let me know which ones your favorites are!

1. Tulle Maxi 

I absolutely love the idea of a tulle maxi skirt. I think it adds a certain flare to your outfit and makes you look like such a fashionista. I would pair it with a simple muscle tank. You can add some color with a patterned cross body bag! This is just one of many outfits with tulle skirts to recreate.

2. Denim

You can easily tone down an outfit by pairing it with a denim jacket. It gives your outfit more of a casual vibe. If you're looking to just walk around the city, I think a casual feel would be perfect. Pair your tulle skirt with a simple tee and a cropped denim jacket! You can accessorize and add a pop of color to the look with chunky necklaces, fun bracelets, etc.

3. Black & White

I think black and white is very classic and timeless. You can never go wrong with those colors! To recreate the look, pair a white or black tulle skirt with a striped shirt or crop top. I think the look is really feminine, sleek, and sophisticated. Don't forget to add your oversized sunglasses for the finished look.

4. Rocker chic

If you're anything like me, you love being girly but just not TOO girly. If that's case, this rocker chic look is for you. Pair your tulle skirt with a graphic tee - maybe even your favorite band logo. Then, throw a leather jacket over it! You'll look like a total badass who still looks ready to walk the runway. For shoes, I say have fun with it. You can either opt for heels or converse! What would you go with?

5. Pretty in plaid

Are you mad for plaid? Then pair it with a tulle skirt! I think they look AMAZING together! It's a perfect look for a fun birthday dinner or hitting the city at night. Coordinate the colors of your shirt with your shoes and don't forget to add a bright red lip! For this look, you can either keep your hair down in loose curls or wear it up in a bun. I think the bun would give the look a more sophisticated vibe, don't you?

6. Casual

Who said you can't be casual AND chic at the same time?! I love the idea of being all dressed up and then rocking some sneakers instead of heels. You can even use it as an opportunity to add a pop of color to your outfit. If your outfit consists of neutral colors, make your shoes stand out by wearing neon ones! You can even coordinate the color with a matching purse or clutch.

Here there! My choices for how to wear a tulle skirt this season. If you are obsessed with them, like me, I think you shoul visit Alexandra Grecco's website and showroom. Her designs are simply amazing and the color hues are beyond gorgeous. Let me know what you think! 

joi, 28 august 2014

#fab Giveaway (the end)

Hello, my darlings! I am happy to announce my very first GIVEAWAY. 
Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts. It has been almost five months since I started the blog and I am very content up until now. 
Anyway, I just launched my Facebook page and I thought that a giveaway was the perfect mode to celebrate it. 

When I ordered this bag, I was a bit afraid that will not look so good in reality or the quality would disappoint me. But, I had a really big surprise. It looks better in really and I think that it is perfect for a day by day outfit. It is small, but you can fit in it all your fab items. The golden chain is the perfect touch to elevate the look of this bag, from casual to elegant and chic.  
Just as my dear readers! This bag is perfect for a fashionista. 

So, if you want to win this bag all you have to do is: 
 1. Like my Facebook page 
and share the post
and follow me on Instagram
Follow @karinacretu

2. Add a comment below with your name, email address (optional) and Facebook profile. 

The winner will be chosen on 8th of September. So stay tuned! 

So, I am happy to announce that the winner of this giveaway is GEORGIANA NEGREANU. Congrats, dear!
Thank you all for participating and stay tuned because there will be soon another #fab giveaway!

luni, 25 august 2014


Hello, lovelies! How are you, what have you done lately?
I have been so lazy lately. My only activities being checking my Instagram (follow me @karinacretu), blog and Facebook and playing with my dog, Surya. That`s how I am spending this last days of August.
Anyway, on the 1st of September I must leave to Bucharest to start searching for a flat (wish me luck!).
Back to this outfit, now. I have this blouse from Bershka since forever, I wear it usually with skirts. This floral print skirt is very comfy, I have mostly wore it at school. I think this outfit is casual, with an elegant twist. What do you think?

Get a similar look:


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